Good reasons: A replica of the Oseberg ship will stimulate interest in history and also function as a security replica for the original.

The New Oseberg Ship Foundation

The New Oseberg Ship Foundations is a publicly registered organisation established in order to build a full-scale replica of the Oseberg Ship in Tønsberg. In the summer months the ship will be used for research, education and culture, while plans are being made to have the ship be part of a research and educational centre focusing on the Viking Age and the Oseberg finds in particular.

The Board of the Foundation:

Einar Chr. Erlingsen (chairman) phone: 934 01974
Knut Børge Knutsen, phone: 922 99700
Geir Røvik, phone: 950 62366
Arne Solhaug, phone: 918 50459
Christina Blomén, phone: 906 06268
SIgmund Opthun, phone: 926 98905
Jan Tønnessen, phone: 915 89223
Bernt Hjalmar Christensen

The objective of the New Oseberg Ship Foundation is to build a full-scale replica of the Oseberg ship, based on new research and new reconstruction plans. The building will take place using original materials and methods as far as this is possible. The building process will be scientifically documented and the completed ship will be of such high quality that it can be regarded as a security copy of the original. Progress at the building site in Tønsberg will be communicated to schools and the general public both in Norway and abroad.

A replica: Tønsberg already has a copy of half an Oseberg Ship. Now the time has come for the city to get a whole ship!

10 Good reasons to build it

The Viking Ship Museum/Museum of Cultural History have set up a list of ten excellent reasons to build a replica of the Oseberg ship:
1.    Learn more about Viking ships by practical testing
2.    Providing knowledge and information for regional audiences, as well as nationally and across the globe
3.    A replica can be touched, giving a feeling of proximity to istory
4.    Norway the nation needs a replica, an Oseberg ship that can sail.
5.    Will contribute to new research about Viking ships in general and the Oseberg ship especially
6.    Completes the collection of replicas of the world’s best preserved ships from the Viking Age
7.    Experimenting with rigging and sails will provide more knowledge about sailing in Viking times.
8.    A huge potential as a research project both during construction and in use.
9.    Literally a flagship that will underline the importance of new research and increase interest in history.
10.  A security replica of the original.

Our partners

The New Oseberg Ship Foundation is working closely with the following institutions:
The University of Oslo/The Museum of Cultural History and the Viking Ships Museum
The Viking Ships Museum in Roskilde, Denmark
NTNU in Trondheim
Vestfold County Council
The City of Tønsberg