Capsized: It took only 20 seconds before Ragnar Thorseth’s Oseberg replica “Dronningen” started taking in water until the very experienced crew found itself in the sea.


Earlier replicas of the Oseberg ship have been poor sailers. Ragnar Thorseth’s "Dronningen” capsized in a fresh breeze on her maiden voyage after 20 seconds. The ship was raised, but finally sank for good after a stint in the Mediterranean. Our investigations in cooperation with Viking Ships Museum at Bygdøy and the Viking Ships Museum in Roskilde have confirmed our theory that a number of mistakes were made when piecing the ship back together following the find in 1904. The results have been tested in the ship model tank at NTNU, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The best Viking ship builder in the world

We will be assisted by the world’s leading experts in buildng Viking ships. The Viking Ships Museum in Roskilde has already built five replicas, and will take part in the building of a new Oseberg ship with some of Norway’s best boat builders.