The sponsor: All Oseberg sponsors will receive this piece of graphic art as proof of their support. This picture was commissioned especially for this project by the well-known artist, Jarle Rosseland.

For the sum of NOK 10.000 you, your society or your company can ensure a lasting presence on board the new Oseberg ship!

This is not a treasure you can bring home, but concrete evidence of your valuable contribution to a unique project.

Rivet: You can buy one of the rivets needed for the ship. All the rivets are numbered. The ship will require 2 842 rivets and they will all be welded by our blacksmith, using the same methods as in the Viking Age.

Donations: Make a donation to the New Oseberg Ship Foundation (Stiftelsen Nytt Osebergskip) in any amount you would like. Every donation above USD40 will receive a surprise gift from us.

Become an Oseberg Sponsor!

You can also contribute to building a full-scale copy of the Oseberg Ship. The Foundation has set up sponsorship agreements for the project. For a reasonable price of NOK 12 000 you may become the happy owner of "Oseberg”, created by the famous artist Jarle Rosseland.

The picture has been printed in just 150 copies and is sold gilded, framed and accompanied by a certificate. Oseberg sponsors will be invited to special events during the building period.

Make a donation

You can make a donation to the foundation in any amount you wish. Large donation above USD10000 will enable you and your company to make use of the Oseberg Viking Ship for corporate usage. Your name or your organisations name will always be connected to the ship as a sponsor.

If you donate more than USD40 you will receive a surprise gift from us. We really appreciate and is very grateful for any amount you would like to give us.

Buy a shield!

The ship’s 30 rowers will each have a wooden shield which protects them. Just like the ship itself, the shields are also made of oak and by hand using Viking tools.

As a sponsor to the Viking ship, this is a beautiful piece of handicraft that you can proudly show off to family and friends on future visits on board. Each shield will be fitted with a small bronze sign bearing the name of the sponsor.

This is not a treasure you can bring home, but concrete evidence of your valuable contribution to a unique project.

Buy a rivet for the ship!

The Oseberg ship is going to need 2 842 iron rivets. They will be welded by our smiths and be numbered from stern to stem. In this way the rivet buyers should be able to see where their rivets are used on the ship. The rivets cost NOK 1 000, and the buyers will receive a copy of one as a tangible receipt of their donation.

If you would like to support the project by buying a rivet, please follow instructions on the website.

Volunteer at the building site

Volunteers from near and far participates in the building process. The ship has a lot of good helpers. If you would like to lend a hand your are more than welcome. Please contact Einar Erlingsen ( if you would like to volunteer.


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